Skepticism, miracle cures and the media

Thursday, March 15 2012 at 7:30PM

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29-35 Niddry Street

Keir Liddle

What's the talk about?



Cancer quackery is a pernicious and dreadful thing selling false hope to the vulnerable and the desperate at an extortionate price.

Last year grassroots skeptics in the UK and internationally fought back against one such dubious treatment and exposed much more than they were expecting.

One of those grassroots bloggers at the centre of the Burzynski storm offers their blow by blow summary of how skeptics took on this cancer cure, exposed dubious legal and medical practices and battled to get the UK media to acknowledge its unwitting support for treatments lacking solid evidence.

Keir Liddle is Chair of the Edinburgh Skeptics Society and currently studying his PhD at Stirling University.