"Don't come the raw prawn with me"

Richard Saunders

Saturday, March 3 2012 at 7:30PM

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18-20 Grassmarket

Richard Saunders

What's the talk about?

Australia's foremost skeptical investigator (as seen on the national TV show "The One") will give an overview of some of his many adventures into the strange but not so mysterious world of the so-called paranormal. From stage psychics to water diviners to ghosts, Richard has been there, done that and is ready to share it with you.


Richard Saunders is best known as an international expert on skepticism and one of the stars of the top rating paranormal TV show

from Australia "The ONE", where he takes the role as the 'Skeptic Judge'.

A podcaster since 2005, Richard is now the producer and host of "The Skeptic Zone" with thousands of listeners world-wide.

He is also a regular guest on radio 2GB, the top rating commercial radio station in Sydney and on the ABC (the BBC of Australia)

He is a past President of Australian Skeptics and is now a Technology Consultant for "The Skeptic" magazine (Australia) and Chief Spoon Bender of the organization.

An author and origami expert with 30 books and 1 DVD published, he is also the creator of Origami Pigasus for James Randi.

Sponsored by QED . QEDis a two-day science and skepticism conference taking place in the Piccadilly Hotel, Manchester on the 10th-11th March 2012.http://www.qedcon.org/blog/richard-saunders-the-one-00039


*Please note the different date and location than normal*