Thursday, August 30 2012 at 8:00PM

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38 West Nicolson Street


What's the talk about?

Its been a long three weeks. A fun three weeks. A truly amazing three weeks.

We've had 22 speakers (At the time of writing we still have one to go!), two walking tours and three shows staged by Chimaera Productions looking at Psychic Trickery.

What is a good skeptic to do after such a megaload of a month?

Why, have a party of course!

We'll be holding a Fringe party at The Counting House on West Nicholson Street (Where we hold our monthly cafe socials) this coming Thursday at 8:00pm till late.

Come along and feel free to bring like minded friends. We'll have a great night with music and partying, as well as showing some videos of this months talk in the snug. The bar is open till 3 and is a perfect way to wind down.

We invite all of you who came as well as those who couldn't make it along, in fact, we invite all like minded people to help us party away the night.

Also, we promise to try and keep Ash from doing audience participation games. He's been eyeing an apple bobbing tank more suspiciously than we'd like :D