Pictures from previous Skeptics in the Pub and related events.  If you have any others, please send them in.


Alex Buque questions Professor Richard Wiseman as part of our July 2009 talk.


Professor Chris French's talk, March 2009

Left to right: Alex Pryce, Prof. Chris French, Alex Buque


Tantallon Ghost Investigation Team

Left to Right: Alex Pryce, Prof. Richard Wiseman, Chris Aikinson, Dr. Caroline Watt


Dr. Simon Singh's talk, May 2009

Left to right: Lloyd MacAlpine, Dr. Simon Singh, Alex Buque, Alex Pryce


Professor Richard Wiseman interviewed by Alex Buque


Professor Richard Wiseman's talk, April 2009

Left to Right: Gordon Rutter, Alex Pryce, Prof. Richard Wiseman, Alex Buque


Dr. David Luke's talk, June 2009

Left to Right: Random Blur, Lloyd MacAlpine, Alex Pryce, Dr. David Luke, Alex Buque